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After last week's The-Sky-Is-Falling updates for the latest Windows 2000/XP worm, Monday I probably installed the smallest Norton Anti-Virus Live Update file I've ever seen -- 74.7 KB. Guess there was nothing else to install. (grin)

Gas prices went down twenty cents, too.


To Kill A Mockingbird

It's a great book, a great play (which we have seen staged at Hope Summer Repertory Theatre to magnificent effect) and one of the finest movies ever made. The children are terrific, Gregory Peck is absolutely enthralling as Atticus Finch, the most honest and moral of men, and even a young Robert Duvall shows up as the quiet giant looking over the children. But of course this is a story of black versus white justice, and there are memorable black performances in a cast of names and faces I regret I don't know better.

A Man Died The Other Day

He played Tom Robinson, the innocent man charged with raping a white woman in TKAM. And he played it with deep conviction -- I can hear his voice today. But I don't always put two and two together with movie and TV rolls, then and now. The man also played Captain Sisko's father on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Now Avery Brooks, who played Sisko, is a professor of theatre and so he knew who this man was. And as a feisty cook in New Orleans who battled tyranny from the Federation, even from his own son, and battled his son and worked his grandson Jake hard -- I have to believe that this was a fun role to play. The pairing of father and son characters certainly worked with the voices and the stubbornness portrayed by both men.

Brock Peters was 78. Besides the two roles above, he played an Admiral Cartwright in tow of the Star Trek motion pictures, and apparently was also in Soylent Green, though I haven't seen that in so long I don't remember much of that one at all.

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