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The Day After


His 11-o'clock-ish concession speech was the height of civility, thoughtfulness and historical context. Where the hell has the McCain of 2000 been this election cycle? This McCain might've won the election.


His midnight-ish acceptance speech managed to start off right where John McCain ended. Pundits talk of a place for McCain in an Obama administration. Other pundits point to this being an Obama victory and not necessarily a Democratic Party victory. Reaching across the aisle? What the hell is this man thinking? (grin)

We watched quite a number of channels last night, and was amused to see C-SPAN2 carrying the CBC feed from Canada. They were trying to explain how the U.S. President really isn't like the Canadian Prime Minister. Why, reporters even stand when the President comes into the room. Respect the office, if not the man. Huh.


Congratulations, Joe, on retaining your Senate seat from Delaware. What? Oh? Never mind.


More than one commentator said, as I thought, too, that Governor Palin looked to be on the verge of tears last night. Maybe, maybe not. I'm not going to try to read anything into it. But I will say there was more of a play on honest emotions on her face tonight than I'd seen in many a campaign appearance.

Many suggest Palin will be a big player come 2012, but I'm not so sure. A lot of unhappiness amongst voters against recent Republican politics. Not sure Sarah Palin is the sort of conservative that conservatives really want, when you get down to details.

Blue Dawn

It's a blue countryside out there. At least here in West Michigan, though with the high haze it's sort of pale wan blue sky.

What? What did you think I was talking about?

Red Sea

As the evening wore on last night, and they were commenting that all of New England had no more Republican members of the House of Representatives, I kept on seeing the Great Red Sea dividing the nation -- one line of states from North Dakota down to Texas, the only unbroken line of one color across the country in any direction.


In reality, the country is still pretty damned purple. Obama won the Electoral College numbers bigtime, and won a majority in the popular vote totals, too -- nice to see the next President get both numbers like that for a change -- but percentagewise, it's not a huge "mandate". The country, whether by geography or politics, is still heavily divided, and the election was clearly strongly influenced by the economic problems.

Despite the happy faces wracked with joy in Chicago's Grant Park last night, there are others out there who are loading up on their guns or otherwise about to cough up their vitriol.


To whit, on WOOD-AM's Rick and Scott Show this morning, one caller said that Michelle Obama had better be sent off to school to take classes in etiquette and loyalty (presumably to the country) -- that she "looks like a militant". WTF is that supposed to mean?

And I thought the right wingnuts hated Hillary.

Grow Up

This doesn't strike me as the time to gloat, seek revenge, ramrod stuff through government, spew hate or arm oneself for the coming revolution. On any side.

I mean, we once again have the opportunity to show the world that we can have extreme disagreements and an orderly change of power -- just like the Framers of the Constitution intended.

And the world's eyes are indeed on us.

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