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True to form, I predicted here that gas could be down to $2.15/gal for Election Day. By the time I passed through Allendale Tuesday evening, all the gas stations were at $2.14.9/gal.


Actually, I paid $1.89.9/gal for gas, because I had two coupons from the grocery store. (grin) The base price was still the $2.14.9/gal. The manager said, "gas prices going up."

Ah, but here the plot thickens. Actually, gas dropped to $2.12.9/gal by evening.


$2.09.9/gal in K-zoo in the morning.


$2.04.9/gal in K-zoo in the morning.

On the way home, in Standale, Meijer's had $2.01.9 and Marathon $1.98.9. In Allendale, the prices were $2.02.9 and $2.01.9 and $2.00.9/gal.

Now What?

Couple inches of sloppy snow for Sunday. Then clearing. Economy down. So... does gas fall below the two dollar mark? Or start the creep back up again?

Enough to drive you nutty.

Dr. Phil
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