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Just Can't Leave Town

I don't know what's different the last two days, but it seems impossible to make a quick getaway from Allendale MI. At least I seemed to have trouble doing so.

Fast Food?

On Sunday I had to come in to Kalamazoo to edit a booklet, print it out, and then up to WMU's Parkview Campus to welcome the several hundred science and engineering freshmen who are involved with the WMU-STEP Program. I thought I'd save time by grabbing a cheeseburger at Burger King, but at the speaker pylon was a sign taped up saying they didn't have any hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Whoppers, Angus, etc., because of equipment failure.

Mmm... that explains (a) the empty parking lot and (b) the BK pickup truck parked outside. Guess the hamburger grill was down.

So I went across the street to McDonald's. Now, with the two- to four-lane boulevard rebuild of M-45 Lake Michigan Drive the other year, you can't just "go across the street." No, you have to make a right turn out of BK, go through a stoplight, then make a loop around to go the other way, go through the same stoplight and now you're heading to the left (west). I hate going east to go west. And due to traffic, I managed to hit the damned stoplight both ways.

A Wasted Effort

Of course, if I'd thought about it... Sunday lunch after church crowd, BK down, McD's slammed. I drove out through another loopback and hit the next TWO stoplights.

I had to make a quick stop at Office Depot on the way in, so there's a McDonald's on 28th Street. Thank goodness I wasn't doing this on Saturday, because I didn't know about the first annual Metro Cruise on 28th Street -- basically a drive your car up and down the street to show it off. There were pictures in the paper. Looked like fun. Would've meant detours for the rest of us... But no worries, mate -- gas is cheap here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Isn't it?

Just One Car Ahead of Me

The minivan ahead of me, though, had the order for Hell's minions. Or at least the wife, husband and unknown number of kids (N > 2). They had a gay old time laughing it up and chatting with the disembodied voice at the speaker pylon -- their order ended up taking four bags and a drinks tray with D+1 drinks, where D is the number of slots in a tray...

My cheeseburger (no onions) had onions.

And They're Just Sucking Down The Gasoline

With Grand Valley State University in Allendale opening up for the Fall as well, or who knows what, I stopped to get gas at our Allendale Mobil station same time as all summer -- and it was packed two-three cars deep at every pump this morning. What gives? I'm not sure, but it did turn out that Mobil was at least ten cents cheaper than Meijer's in Standale, so maybe it was just the bargain hunters -- they didn't look like college students anyway.

I might've driven on and gotten gas later, but based on last night, I already had my suspicions about the Meijer's gas price.

Naturally, I realized too late the "short" line was for pump number 5. It's the s-l-o-w pump. Man, it's like I'm never gonna get out of town. Hit all the stoplights til I turned south on Wilson.

Sigh. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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