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The One That Got Away

No Sale

We thought we might be buying a vehicle today. On Wednesday, while the 1996 Blazer was getting an oil change, I was talking to my used car guy and asked if he had anything appropriate on the lot. He did. A 1998 T-1500 GMC Jimmy, similar to my 1996 Chevy Blazer. Good price, too. Talked with Mrs. Dr. Phil about replacing the 1989 2WD S-10 Blazer, which isn't running at the exact moment, especially given that the local counties are not salting and plowing as much for this winter because of budget constraints.

We thought we had a hold on the vehicle, subject to getting us both there to test drive it, but my used car guy was annoyed to find that some other salesman sold the sucker last night.

Oh Well

I suppose we could've really pitched a bitch, as technically we had priority. But they had the vehicle and we hadn't done the test drive yet, so we let it go. There'll be other vehicles.

We figure my used car guy, this would've been his fourth sale to us, will be motivated to find us a good one, since this was a sale which got away.

Trying to help the economy, we were.

Dr. Phil

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