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It's The Most Busiest Day... Of The Year

Fall 2005 Semester classes at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo MI officially began Monday evening at 4pm, but the real start of the Fall was Tuesday morning... as every damned student tried to park in the same parking spot on campus. (grin)

The Buses Are Running! The Buses Are Running!

The Kalamazoo Metro buses, which lurk like rumbling herds of prehistoric monsters along a piece of what used to be the Rood Hall parking lot, were back in full force after the mild and quiet summer season. It's hard to say that it's "bad" for the students to be back, it's more the shock after summer. (double-grin)

Dr. Phil Went Up The Hill To See His Second Office...

And today was the first day I had scheduled office hours up at the engineering Parkview Campus. The plan was to leave here at 2:30, but as I was gathering a bunch of things to take with me so I can work up there -- things like pens and tape and some 3M Post-It notes -- I didn't get out at 2:30, and then ran into some of last year's STEP students. At 3pm every single route was jammed with cars and busses.

Oh, this too shall pass, though this timeslot is likely to remain a bottleneck. But I'll tell you that I opted to go out towards the north, all the way to US-131 and then hop down to Stadium Drive and creep in the "back" way to the Parkview Campus. I'm sure it saved me twenty minutes of fuming and steaming in traffic.

Blue Skies Fade To Pale And Wan...

It started out sunshining and blue skies, but we've a very high altitude haze which has thickened throughout the day and coming over here was more like a very high overcast. This is courtesy of Katrina, which won't be dumping any rain on us, it looks like in the seven-day forecast.

Part of me wants to wonder aloud why we have to keep rebuilding these coastal areas which get hit with hurricanes and such. That's the insensitive bastard who long ago decided he could not live in hurricane territory. Blizzards are fine with me.

Then there's the part whose heart goes out to all those who've lost family, friends, property, livestock... and a way of life for a long time. Losing the roof of the Superdome? The costliest, most powerful hurricane ever? And we still have ninety days of hurricane season, not to mention that we're already up to "K" in naming these things.

Build Me A Refinery!

Already commentators have pointed out that withdrawing supplies from the national strategic oil reserve (or whatever it's called) won't help things, because we have supplies of crude oil. It's refinery capacity for making gasoline which is driving up prices at the moment.

But NIMBYism is rearing its little head -- Not In My Back Yard you don't try to build a nasty ol' refinery!

Okay, but be prepared for $4 a gallon gas in the not too distant future...

Dr. Phil

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