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Still Snowing

December You Say? I Think You Meant February

We picked up the 1999 Bravada last Saturday and they couldn't get the 1989 Blazer to stay started. Was going to return Monday... it's still there.

Monday - 1 December 2008 - The Small Snow

It's pretty much been a 4WD/AWD kind of week, with many slow commutes. Glad to know Mrs. Dr. Phil has a new "Champagne Dream" Bravada to go driving around -- the heated seats do, in fact, work. (grin) On Friday, I was just about to turn south on Wilson from Lake Michigan Drive and realized there were two lanes of no one moving. That doesn't happen there, so looped around in the Walgreen's lot and headed downtown to meet US-131 in the S-curve. Good call. Kevin Richards Skyview Traffic reported six spinouts in the ditch on Wilson. People see those 55mph speed limit signs and think it's clear sailing all the time.

And now we're in Day Two of a big Lake Effect plus Clipper accumulating snow storm.

Saturday - 6 December 2008 - 1994 and 1989 Blazers Getting Buried

Would really like to get the 1994 Blazer partly on the driveway, but the old Blue is still there. Meanwhile we not only have 5-7" plus, but it's still snowing horizontally. So glad we got the driveway redone earlier.

Saturday - Still Snowing

What Gasoline Crisis?

With the economy tanking worldwide and the speculators getting spanked regularly, gas prices continue to drop. We were paying $1.69.9 to $1.75.9 per gallon before Thanksgiving, saw $1.59.9/gal on Thanksgiving, a brief spike up to $1.75.9 and then on Monday 1 December, gas was $1.60.9/gal and I had a 30-cent-a-gallon discount coupon and so paid $1.30.9/gallon for regular. $1.55.9/gal today for regular.

My previous prediction was that gas was going to soar back to $4/gallon after the Election, but that didn't take the economy fully in effect. My new prediction is under-a-buck gasoline after New Year's.

Meanwhile, the state of Michigan is getting hammered by lower than expected revenues from income taxes and gas taxes. MDOT is already telling everyone to plow and salt less. And with this weather, that's hard to take. And it's only December.

Every one and every thing is losing their minds. Sheesh.

Dr. Phil

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