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It's Finals Week!

Besides braving the vicious early snows of December (grin) and catching up on a perceived sleep deficit, this has been a busy weekend of sorting the PHYS-1070 and PHYS-2070 book reports and writing 3+ final exams (one for each of the three courses, plus a late exam for one course and an early exam for a second).

We ended up with 7-8" of snow here, but the snow pretty much ended by 1am. Kalamazoo was still in the lake effect pattern until about now -- 5pm on Sunday -- so I'm not sure how bad the roads in K-zoo county, city, WMU will be in the morning. Thankfully Monday's exam doesn't start until 2:45pm. (double-deep-grin)

The rest of the week is a mixture of forecasts for light snow, few flurries -- and rain?

All I can say is that as long as we avoid an actual university snow day during finals, we'll be okay. 20,000+ students -- can you imagine ending the semester with 60,000 incomplete grades? (shudders)

And then there's the grading...

Dr. Phil

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