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Dr. Phil Gets Emails

But They Don't Want Dr. Phil

In addition to the usual emails, letters and phone calls from people looking to get in touch with that "other" Dr. Phil, I got an e-mail from a student yesterday:
Subject: Final grade

I am student that took your phisics class in the morning on M W F. I was wondering what my final grade was. I am starting my internship next semester and know my grade was on the boarder of passing and failing, so i was hoping I could find out my grade earlier in case I need to make arrangements with my schedule.

Well, this is a reasonable request. And these days this student could be thumbing on a phone or other small device, so one cannot tell if they just can't spell or just can't write or are just hamstrung by technology. (grin) Two small problems however. The first is that I warn everyone that final grades are due on Tuesday at Noon, and they are unlikely to get a final grade from me before then. Not that anyone even listens to me or reads the syllabus. The second issue I address in my reply:
Subject: Re: Final grade

I am confused. You did not mention what class you're in (I have three), but your name does not appear in any of my spreadsheets, which means I have no papers or grades for you. Also, I don't have any M W F classes.

Fall 2008 classes:
PHYS-2070 MTWRF 11am 1104 Rood
PHYS-1070 MTWRF Noon 1104 Rood
PHYS-1060 -T-R- 3:30-4:45 1104 Rood

If the class you're talking about is one of those three, we have a problem.
If the class you're talking about is not of those three, you have the wrong professor.

Hope we can clear this up.

Dr. Phil

Sure enough, Dr. Phil is right and said student is wrong:
Subject: Re: Final grade

Opps my bad. I got the wrong physics professor. Sorry

Trust me, you'd remember if you had Dr. Phil as an instructor. I'm pretty memorable. (grin) I'd rail on about people who send emails off without identifying who they are (Hi, I'm a student in your Noon PHYS-1070 class and...) so I can establish some basis of which of my nearly 300 students this semester I'm dealing with, and which class so I can pull up the right spreadsheet, or check to make sure they know what class, course number and prof they're dealing with, but I'm afraid Mrs. Dr. Phil will accuse me of tilting uselessly at windmills again. So I'll just type this up and shake my head. (shakes head)

Dr. Phil

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