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In The Land Of Updates, No One Is King

The other day I described the problem of getting Norton AntiVirus 2009 to play nice on my Fujitsu U810. First was the conflict with ZoneAlarm. Then it was a problem with an early release NAV engine, which had to be replaced. Tests on Thursday showed the LiveUpdate seemed to be working.

Saturday, though, LiveUpdate ran -- naturally I am running LU manually because I like computers that work for me and not go off on their own and annoy me when I am trying to do work -- but some of the updates failed to install. Some required a reboot and it did something, but I'll have to investigate further another time.

But I LIKE Microsoft Office 95 Professional

And it is running fine on the U810. But I do need to have a more recent version of Word, etc., in order to be compatible with other people. You know -- department meeting agendas, student papers and (drumroll) Track Changes from editors. On my other Windows XP Professional machines, I've also installed Microsoft Office 2003 Professional -- the EULA said I could install on two machines and given these machines are 77 miles apart, no problem with the bit about not using them at the same time.

So I went off to the university bookstore and got a copy of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Enterprise Edition. Came with four disks -- Office 2003, Outlook 2003 and Service Pack 2 disks for both those. Install of Office 2003 went fine. Install of Outlook 2003... are you crazy? Install one of the biggest Kick Me signs in all of computerdom? Don't need Outlook.

So on to the Office 2003 SP2 disk. And instead of coming up with perfectly reasonable installation window, it fires up the default browser and loads one of the more poorly worded sets of instructions I've ever seen. Eventually one realizes that one is supposed to click this hyperlink which loads a directory with two program packages. One is Office 2003 SP2 and the other is Office 2003 Proofing Tools SP2. They can't put the two in one package?

The first ran fine and a check of Word 2003 clearly shows SP2 installed. The second wouldn't run, popping up a dialog box saying that it couldn't find the required installed product.

Oh give me a break. A Microsoft service pack for a Microsoft program has to find said Microsoft program on a machine running a Microsoft operating system. What could possibly go wrong?

My suspicion is that the Proofing Tools SP2 is confused by the two versions of Office. But why?

Oh. I know, I know! Because once again the boys and girls in Redmond WA have no clue about how people use their products in the real world. I knew there had to be a good reason.


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