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Merry !&#*@ Christmas

Best Made Plans... Epic Fail

We were supposed to leave for the 'rents in Greensboro NC on Monday morning, but I just canceled the reservations. We are in the midst of a blizzard, winds gusting over 40mph, temp is around 10degF, snow is falling horizontally, and the police are closing the highways. I-94 is closed with a 100 car pileup with a dozen semis near Benton Harbor, and closer to us on I-196, white-out conditions have closed the highway and the accidents include the Michigan State Police.

We kept changing plans, including the thought of bugging out this afternoon and overnighting in a motel by the Grand Rapids airport, but not getting out of here without some serious snow removal. And that doesn't factor in the roads, which probably haven't been plowed on Warner since this morning.

There's a ridge nearly three-feet high extending from in front of the Blazer to the trees.

As annoying as it is to miss having Christmas with the 'rents and the sister unit, it'd be worse to wreck or get stuck in this crap. And then dealing with delays in tomorrow's flights? You can have it.

This is looking west into the wind -- our neighbor is having too much fun with his burning barrel, even during a storm.

The Other Shoe

The last straw was the forecast. Winter storms for Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday/Saturday. The latter has temps of 33degF and freezing rain and sleet -- and oh yeah, we'd be coming back on Saturday after dark. Uh... ri-ight.

Nope. Not going there.

A Festive Dinner

I know we have a package of hot dogs and some baked beans, so we can eat. Oh, and there's chicken pot pies in the freezer. And Mrs. Dr. Phil said we have two pork chops. Plus I know there are some frozen pizzas in the chest freezer that are no more than four or five years old. (gaack!)

On the other hand, we haven't had a year where we planned to go anywhere for Christmas get canceled in 24 years -- when we wrecked the Suburban because US-41 was blocked by a previous head on collision back in our first Christmas in the U.P. So I can't complain.

We got heat, we got power, we got food and water, we got kitties. There are even a couple of presents lying around.

Merry Christmas, I reckon.

Dr. Phil

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