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We're Good

Despite the bad news yesterday, we are now set for a pleasant Christmas at home. The Blizzard Watch eventually got downgraded to a Lake Effect Snow Watch -- and at a little past 5pm on Monday, it's still snowing. Just not as vigorously or with as much wind as before. Mrs. Dr. Phil got up and spent over an hour outside moving away the ridge and wall of snow in front of the Blazer left outside and the turnaround. We'd shuffled vehicles in prep for trying to make the airport run, leaving the 1996 Blazer centered on the garage concrete pad already facing down the driveway so we wouldn't have to do the necessary three- or five- or seven-point turn.

Then she called Melissa, our hairdresser, nearish neighbor and feeder of cats while we are out of town to tell her we weren't going out of town. Mel said that John was going out to plow people, so we asked if he'd come our way. John was the one who put in our new slag driveway the other month, so he shows up not with a pickup with a blade, but a towering John Deere front end loader that looked to be some twelve feet tall. It made hilariously short work of coming up the driveway, and got decorated in the process with a branch from one of the crappy overhanging pine trees. He wanted ten bucks for the job and I gave him forty, because we're no doubt going to need it a couple more times in the next two weeks at the very least. (double-grin)

So with a newly graded driveway, we hopped in the 1999 Bravada and ran into town, spending nearly $300 on groceries. Well, the wine rack was down and Mrs. Dr. Phil took in the cardboard six-pack wine bottle carrier and picked up a 14.9 lb. Amish raised turkey and lots of other things as well, so it's not like this was a normal grocery run. Remember, we'd let everything run down since we were heading out of town, or so we thought. So other than they don't carry mincemeat -- an outrage -- we are set for the holidays and way beyond.


Last night was the first time in a lo-ong time that I actually got to work on new writing. A story I've sketched out in my head and has a January 1st deadline, so I gotta get cracking. But as usual, I got stalled on naming things for an hour or two. But by the time I shut down the computer, I was bubbling over with names and phrases for key things, and had to write a few notes in the near dark before I went to bed around 0430 hours. I love breaks -- my natural night schedule comes out. (evil-grin) This evening and tonight should be filled with much words, so good day and good night to all y'all on the Internet and the hell with you for a while.

Unless I get bored and stuck and hafta look something up.

Dr. Phil

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