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About That Rick Warren Guy

President-Elect Obama's choice of Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration in less than a month has give the gay & lesbian communities and many liberals quite a lot of distress lately. Is this Obama trying to be inclusive of people beyond just those who voted for him? Or cynical pandering to the Religious Right? Or capitulation in the face of the lack of a filibuster-proof Senate?

I ran across SF author Nicola Griffith's blog just now and she has quite a thought provoking entry about the Rick Warren invitation -- and stay for the comments.

I think there's some good ideas about staying focused on what you believe in and still wanting to end this ugly divisiveness which has plagued the U.S. for too long and polarized us into bitter camps which see the end of civilization whenever the other side wins an election.

Just sayin'

Dr. Phil

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