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A Very Merry and Mellow Christmas From Here In West Michigan

Warm and Rainy and Cold and Icy

Above freezing temps, slush, sleet, rain, and then more snow threatened to make our driveway a huge rutted mess on Christmas Eve, so we asked John to bring his giant John Deere front end loader -- still hilarious to see it clear the driveway in seconds. Though it really was necessary, because the John Deere was spinning its huge tires trying to back out of the turnaround uphill.

Here on Christmas Day, the temp is cold enough that the driveway is slick, hard, crusty... dare I say friable?... and tricky to walk on. However, the giant tread marks from the John Deere helped with traction for driving, though it was something of a bumpy ride. By the weekend, they're talking about highs up to 46degF. Yikes.

Happy Christmas

You can just make out the antlers provided by the nephews for "Unker Dunker Phil"

Here's a shot of Bagel The Corn Muffin Thief on his kitchen stool helping with the stuffing of the turkey.

And Bagel checking out more baked goods -- the poppyseed and the stollen. Plus the local meat market's kielbasa. Mmmm.

That's it, kids. See ya later.

Dr. Phil

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