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And Now It Gets Weird


Now wait a minute. In the last two weeks we've had a blizzard, three snow storms, high winds, drifting, roads closed, driveways impassable. Just days ago it was down to 6degF and lower in West Michigan.

And yet, at midnight tonight it was 43degF and still rising. West Michigan is blanketed in fog. It's been above freezing and drizzling all day.

Bad News

Saturday the forecast high, it got revised from 46degF, is 56degF. Forecast is rain, heavy at times. Total is expected in the 3-4 inches plus of rain. This is going to be one mess by Sunday -- when the freeze comes back.

Oh, and the Allendale Post Office operated on Saturday hours on Boxing Day, which meant that I couldn't mail a package or check the P.O. Box on a Friday a few minutes before 1pm.


Dr. Phil

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