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UPDATE: 03 January 2009 02:10 EST -- Big 10 is 1-5 so far in bowls.

Mega Conga Rats!

The Detroit Lions are now 0-16 in the NFL -- the Perfect Season. Makes me laugh. And after playing home games in a pansy indoor stadium, they got to finish in Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI. Yay for irony.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the game. Somewhere between 10:30am, when we checked the weather and 1pm, when we went to turn on the game, the cable went out.

Mrs. Dr. Phil was on her laptop, so found the Packers' site -- and then when I asked about Chicago, she found I think it was Which turns out to have a pretty nice banner of scores on the top of their homepage, updating every few seconds. Gives score, quarter, time, possession and blinks red when a team is in the red zone. Sure we could've found a radio station or even found an antenna and tried to pull in a signal, but this was blissfully quiet and quietly amusing.

Alas, Bears

Unfortunately Chicago lost and even without Minnesota winning, that pretty much knocked down Da Bears' playoff long shot hopes. Oh well. C'est la vie. (La vie!) (grin)

And The Big Ten?

And the 2008-9 Big 10 attempt to win bowl games begins... and the conference is 0-1 to start. Ah, but my mighty Wildcats are up next. Go you, Northwestern!
Champs Sports Bowl
Florida 42, Wisconsin 13
Alamo Bowl
Dec. 29: NORTHWESTERN 23 vs. Missouri 30 (OT)
Insight Bowl
Dec. 31: MINNESOTA 21 vs. Kansas 42
Outback Bowl
Jan. 1: IOWA 31 vs. South Carolina 10
Capital One Bowl
Jan. 1: MICHIGAN STATE 12 vs. Georgia 24
Rose Bowl
Jan. 1: PENN STATE 24 vs. Southern Cal 38
Fiesta Bowl
Jan. 5: OHIO STATE vs. Texas

Dr. Phil

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