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Hey! A New Dr. Phil Story Online!

My First "Finished" Story

I am way behind in everything, including cleaning up the mess on the kitchen table. And sorting everything into nice neat piles, most of which thankfully goes into the trash or newspaper & magazine recycling. One piece I found was the contract for a sale I made earlier in the year. Hmmm, I wonder if they ever put it up on their website? And lo and behold, the second story listed is "Le Grand Bazar" over at Space Westerns.

Change your name, change your profession, change your life... The promise of the frontier is an escape from your old life—the promise is there, whether or not it’s actually kept. — ed, N.E. Lilly

Le Grand Bazar

by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon ©2008

"Le Grand Bazar" is a story which is very dear to my heart because it is technically the first short story I ever finished and sent out into the cruel, cold world in June 2002 -- and it sold finally in June 2008. Oh, and it also helped get me into the 2004 Clarion workshop.

It also, though not totally apparent, takes place in my 29th century military SF universe and involves the story in my giant 1.5 million word unfinished "epic" of the British side of things. So that makes it almost the perfect short story for me. (grin) Even had to buy an English-French dictionary. (snicker)

So please go read "Le Grand Bazar" and make Dr. Phil happy that people are reading it.


Dr. Phil
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