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Mauling And The End Of Life As We Know It

I Hate Malls

Day after Christmas, when we went off to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, we had a choice of movie theatres, but we picked Celebration North because it isn't actually in a mall, but essentially is the anchor of its own shopping center. Saturday, when we went off to see The Reader, we had no choice and had to go to Woodland Mall.

It was a pretty day in West Michigan, cold but blue sky and I swear we've had more sunshine in January so far than all of December. Celebration Woodland Mall is surrounded by restaurants and the mall entrance to Sears. At 5pm, the parking lot was jammed full -- and poorly plowed in some areas. We did have a laugh at a 4x4 pickup truck that had mounted a snow pile and reclaimed a parking spot. But it took several turns around two lots to find anything.

Who lives like this? We successfully managed to avoid all malls from before Thanksgiving to just after New Year's. If I had a choice, I'd never set foot in a mall or even drive into the parking lots of a mall ever again. Alas, I know I shall. But not any more than I have to.

Life Ends, Life Begins

The new semester, which WMU whimsically calls Spring Semester, begins on Monday. So no more staying up to 4am and getting up at 10am. Sigh. I guess it was nice while it lasted. (grin)

Gasoline prices. Haven't done much driving over the holidays so the last time I bought gas it was $1.53.9/gal. It dropped down to $1.48.9/gal. And then on New Year's Eve, while we bought groceries, the three of Allendale's gas stations -- within twenty minutes -- jumped up to $1.64.9. And now gas is $1.84.9/gal.

Ah, a new year, a new insanity starts.

Dr. Phil

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