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One Down, 355 To Go

The First Week Of Classes...

... overall went pretty good. I think I've scared everyone into taking my Physics courses seriously, and yet they still are coming back. For something new to do, I created a closed Facebook group called "Dr. Phil's Physics Class on Facebook", amazingly enough. A bit over one-sixth of the 210 or students this semester have joined, but finally got something to bite and post about "Why is it that no one ever knows who is the only Physics Ph.D. in Congress?" And as I told them in class, he's from Michigan. Hell, he's from West Michigan.

The Sliding Game

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it took two hours or more to come home. Yesterday, I spent an hour in slow moving traffic winding up and down the hills just north of Kalamazoo just to go about fifteen miles. The current storms are clobbering K-zoo and south. Up by Allendale, we have some snow, but nothing like south of us. I guess it's blizzarding towards Ann Arbor on the other side of the state, too.

It just takes time, most of the traffic I was in behaved themselves. 4WD and geared down in 2nd or even 1st and I can move evenly up and down the hills without riding the brakes in double lanes of traffic. On Wednesday I'd planned to hit Office Max on the way home, since Sunday's paper had included one of those "Everything that fits in this paper bag is 15% off" and it didn't have restrictions that said no HP ink or anything. (grin) But I started "too late" on Wednesday.

So it was Thursday and while I was running later than I liked, the forecast for Friday was worse. So I managed to get in and out in about thirty minutes, picking up reams of paper, resume grade paper and envelopes (which we used up doing our annual end-of-year letter), binders for the PHYS-1150 textbook that came 3-hole punched, HP 94/95 and 96/97 inkjet two-packs for the HP 2355 All-in-One and the HP DeskJet 6980 wireless printer, plus some cables I needed (PS/2 mouse & keyboard to USB, and USB to parallel port printer) and a copy of TurboTax. Total bill "with savings" was about $312. This is the kind of shopping I like -- all geek stuff and short-and-sweet. And now Mrs. Dr. Phil is all set up with office supplies for her Winter semester class and her sabbatical. (grin)


Head feels cloggy today. Went to lie down and take an afternoon nap, and had to go and make a nest in Mrs. Dr. Phil's living room recliner instead. Finally went to sleep and had very active, very odd dreams.

And Finally, Late

Fourth quarter writing stats aren't ready yet. But I've made some progress in getting some stories out the last two weeks, which is good.

I'll probably mutter more and more things this weekend, but enough for now.

Dr. Phil

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