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Snow Scoops

Why Shovel?

I've mentioned using Yooper Scoopers before, and thought I'd post the link to Silver Bear in Michigan's U.P. which made our scoops 15 and 25 years ago. They've about doubled in price since then, but what hasn't? Given the durability, sixty bucks plus shipping is a pretty cheap price.

They didn't have the wheel kits when we got ours -- useful when the snow cover isn't complete.

The first one we bought in the U.P. at Copper Art in Calumet MI, which doesn't seem to exist anymore. The second one we ordered from Copper Art once we bought the current property and faced a 240-foot drive with only one scoop. (grin) It came via UPS and they'd just reversed the handle and taped on the shipping label. (double-scoop-grin)

Anyway, if you're moving snow, and either want to bag the air choking exhaust of those damned snowblowers or save your back from shoveling, check it out.

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