June 13th, 2005


And the 2005 Clarion Begins

Somewhere in East Lansing MI

By the time this gets posted, the new class at the 2005 Clarion Workshop will be wondering just what the heck they've signed up for (grin). One crit session under their belt, and perhaps 29 to go. Yikes!

I'm not sure where they are this year. For a long time they worked out of a graduate dorm at Michigan State, but last year we were housed in a sorority house.

(Fellow Clarion 2005 traveler Slithytove says they are back in the sorority house -- this is good news for the students. More anon...)

One cool thing they've done this year is ally themselves with some local libraries, in addition to the usual bookstores, and have more evening readings over the six weeks -- including a book launch by Cory Doctorow at Schuler's Books on Thursday 7 July 2005, 7:30pm EDT. (NOTE: the address given on the Clarion web page above suggests this is NOT the Okomos branch of Schuler's, so I'll have to figure out where this is. We've never been to a book launch event and we might be able to run over from West Michigan for that.)

In the Meantime...

I was trying to Google things like "2005 Clarion workshop blogs" last night, and didn't find anything of relevance. But I did come across, at one point, a very cool entry by another LiveJournal user and Clarion 2000 participant -- if you have ever thought about attending any of the Clarions, there are some good comments here:
Karen Travis

(I was going to post this in the morning, but it's been a busy day -- searched some more, still can't find any 2005 blogs. Come on, guys, dish!)

Dr. Phil
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