June 21st, 2005


Virii 'R Us

Today's freshmen registration session was interrupted when all the computers froze, with a warning that the system administrator was about to take the system down. Oh the howls of protest by the students who thought they'd lost all their classes. Fortunately, if they had the courses listed on their screen, they were okay.

The university has had to weather several attacks lately, most likely perpetrated by mouth-breathing morons and me-too sycophants, or people too stupid to figure out how to practice "safe computing". (Insert network cable into latex sleeve before placing in socket...)

The university's filters, alas, don't place any notices in your mailbox anymore -- and I seem to be not getting all my mail, unless it is for Ciallis or download Microsoft software at "bargain prices."

One of my missing mails was the contract for my first-ever short story sale. Fortunately I have acquired a Gmail account and re-sent my last
message to the publisher. Now this is serious! Now you're messing with my writing. I don't spend all that keyboard time for nothing, you know.

Caught In The Act

My wife's work computer got hit with something called skybot.exe, which semi-disabled Norton Anti-Virus. She ran an old version of Adaware, which listed all the running processes in great detail. It listed the skybot, but before she got out the hammer and tongs this morning, Norton managed to do its weekly update and it neutralized the bastard.

Adaware isn't the only product to remove spyware, but I like it.

Here's where you can find out about the current
Adaware SE 1.06 by Lavasoft.

Did I Mention How Much I HATE This?

This whole computer invasion thing is just stupid.

Dr. Phil
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