June 29th, 2005


A Commercial Idea For Free

Twice in the last week, I have seen large (but non-semi trailer) trucks drive by painted for Edy's Grand Ice Cream. This has led me to voice an idea for a TV commercial for yummy Edy's Grand Ice Cream.

The Pitch

A 30-foot Edy's Grand Ice Cream Truck is driving slowly through a modern upscale suburban neighborhood. A jingle is playing from a speaker on the cab's roof -- despite the bell-like toy music quality of the song, we "old folks" recognize some satisfactory icon of the 1960s or 70s, when All Real Music was written.

Meanwhile, hordes of 40-to-50-somethings, still dressed in their men's and women's suits from their working day, are running across lawns, jumping out of their Beamers and Volvos and SUVs, and chasing after the truck and waving handfuls of paper money.

The truck stops and the assistant appears in the side door of the refrigerated box, leaning down and handing out half-gallons Edy's Grand Ice Cream.

"Settle down, everyone's going to get some, wait your turn, we aren't going to run out."

Cut to a couple of younger kids sitting on the lowest front steps to a house, shaking their heads. "Parents." "No self control."

Cut to a middle-aged couple walking away from the truck, stopping to close their eyes in bliss as they spoon directly from the carton. Out of focus in the background, we see the crowd dispersing and the truck pulling away. One more man is chasing after the truck, "Wait for me! Wait for me!"

The Tag Line

It's That Good

Edy's, If You're Listening...

... you can have this idea for free.

Or a dozen Buy One Get One Free coupons... (grin) (Hey, I'm not greedy.)

It's Not Just The Heat

We've been sweltering in Not Quite One Hundred Degree Heat -- it's hit 97 and 98degF in the last week -- with some miserable humidity. My sinuses have gone off the deep end something fierce.

Our one compact Sears window air conditioner actually does an better-than-nothing job of cooling the whole first floor of our house down to WARM from HOT, but it helps if it cools off at night so we can fling open windows and get some air exchanged. But this week, the overnights have been around 72degF and with the massive heat pulse in the house from the day, the bedroom is 70degF cool-and-dry -- but not our preferred sleeping temperature. Heck, we open a bedroom window in the middle of winter and have the heat vent closed to get it down to 55-62degF for sleeping -- it's nice to need lots of blankets. (grin) Especially when you are married to a quilter. (double-grin)


Mmmm... good.

Dr. Phil
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