July 16th, 2005


It's Harry Potter Day!

My sister hears a knock on her door. She goes to see who it is, but no one is there. But as she opens the door something goes Thunk! at her feet. It's a box from Amazon.com and contains Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She almost went out with a friend late last night to stand in line and try to get a copy of Harry Potter 6, but they decided not to fight the anticipated crowds. So I get a phone call...


Sometimes it's fun to send gifts out of the blue -- one doesn't have to be a Grinch the entire 365-1/4 days of the year, after all. Now I'm waiting for the call from my parents, who at eighty-six and "somewhat younger", most certainly won't go and fight crowds at the store. And I don't have to worry about them pre-ordering from Amazon.com, because they have no computers or online life. (Which isn't to say that my sister and I haven't tried to "convert" them.)

And three hours after my sister, our parents call... and ours was in the mail, too!

Why All The Fuss?

I'd be happy just if more kids turned to reading books. And HP seems to be accomplishing that. However we like the stories, too, and have enjoyed the movies -- and eagerly await the fourth movie in November.

Dr. Phil
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