October 5th, 2005


Dept. of Random Change

So I needed to get a key for two classrooms in Kohrmann Hall, which used to be the Engineering College at WMU, before they built the spiffy new facility up the hill at the Parkview Campus. My boss sent me to see a particular person in 3018 Kohrmann.

I've been to Kohrmann once before at the beginning of the school term. For years I had listened to the engineering students in my physics classes complain of the long hike from Kohrmann to Everett/Rood, but frankly I had never really looked at the campus map. Folks, it's hardly a hill and hardly a walk at all. Admittedly, during the construction of Heinicke Hall, it was probably a pain, and there's a wind tunnel effect which no doubt is bad in the Michigan winter -- at least in one direction. But it's farther to get to the Library and the computer center, to say nothing of the student union, for gosh sakes, and they got there just fine. (grin)

Anyway, upon arriving on the third floor I looked for 3018 but no joy. No 30xx rooms at all -- lowest numbers I could find were in the 32xx's. Finally, I stopped in an office to ask for directions, (yes, I actually was going to ask for directions -- the building maps on the third floor had a place, but the actual floor maps were mysteriously missing, so I couldn't be self-reliant) only to find that I was looking at the nameplate of the person I was supposed to see.

Serendipity of the Small Kind

She wasn't at her desk, so I told the other woman in the office that I was confused now -- that I was looking for this person in 3018 Kohrmann and found the desk but not the room. Turns out that as the Engineering College moved out and some renovations were done for people coming in, that the university renumbered the building. So 3018 was now 3326. The woman I was talking to kindly pointed out the little room number sign they had printed out and stuck over the inside of the door so they could know where the heck they were now.

Fortunately I had printed out the e-mail from my boss, and there was a sticky note on the one person's phone with one of the usual misspellings of my name, so I didn't have any trouble convincing the woman helping me that I really was on a mission and did need the key.

A Parting Random Thought

Sometimes I think that my non-physics half of my job involves collecting keys to various buildings. When I collect a full set, do I get tenure? Or does the ground open up to reveal the monstrously evil chamber of horrors, and like some weird game on Fear Factor I'll have to try all the keys to unlock the anti-Pandoran box to save the universe from Entropic Demise -- or some such sillyness.

Dr. Phil
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A Many Happy Returns Of The Day...

... to the incomparable and personal fave actress Kate Winslet, and also to Paraminder Nagra (Bend It Like Beckham and ER), both of whom turn The Big Three-Oh today, having been born on Sunday 5 October 1975.

Not All Birthdays Are Considered Equal

I am not surprised to find another person in Hollywood with the exact same birthday. A while ago I read that October 5th is the most common birthday -- a date which makes sense if you backtrack nine months, add alcohol and mix. (grin)

The first person I ever met who had the exact same birthday as myself was a real jerk -- he was going to be God's gift to psychiatry, but had this large Tupperware container with all these prescription meds and would describe these symptoms to his dad the psychiatrist, who would prescribe them over the phone.

So Happy Birthday, Kate!

Maybe I'll actually get a chance to see your most recent movies "sometime" in the not-so-distant future.

Dr. Phil
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