October 9th, 2005


Fall Has Arrived

Overnight temp fell to the 30s last night -- wonderful sleeping weather, but we did have to fire up the furnace for a little while once we got up.

Our Little Meadow

Since Matt started on the landscaping this summer, our front "lawn" has gone not only through its usual cycles of plants and insects, we've gained new ones in the areas cut back into paths.

The other morning after a rain there was a small farm of bright white mushrooms in the chipped bark of one of the paths. One of our remaining 80-degree hot warm days took care of those. But now there are low, bright yellow flowers in many places. They're small wild snapdragons, which I used to see along the driveway when we first moved out here, but less and less each year. Now there are many square yards of them scattered along the paths and in an area where some trees were cut down. Very pretty.

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White Skunks Red

When did The Pale Hose learn how to play baseball? Not that I follow the American League much.

Dr. Phil
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