November 24th, 2005


I'm So Sorry, I'll Never Do It Again...

I cannot root for a team -- it's the kiss of death. Oh, I get teased from time to time. Having grown up with two parents from Pittsburgh, I naturally rooted with them for the Pirates as a kid, but moved to the NYC area just in time for the 1969 Amazin' Mets.

It's been mostly downhill from there. Highlands Junior High (White Plains NY). Grimsley Senior High (Greensboro NC). Northwestern University. The Chicago Cubs. Da Bears. Michigan Tech hockey.

And have you seen the Green Bay Packers lately?

It's All My Fault

My latest victim is the Western Michigan University football team. Just a few weeks ago the Broncos cemented a winning season for 2005 -- quite an accomplishment since they were 1-10 last year. And I made the mistake of pointing this out in class, giving the team some recognition, since we've got one or two players in the class.

Tuesday I specifically pointed out that WMU would be playing Northern Illinois University, and if Toledo lost, Western could win the MAC conference. Whoo-hoo!

Alas, on Wednesday I spun through the channels before I finally found a score. WMU-7 NIU-42. Ouch. And it turns out Toledo won their game. So as far as winning the conference -- a moot point.

But Dammit, Let's Not Be So Negative!

Hey, we did have a winning season after all. So congratulations on the season anyway!

Besides, it's not like the poor disappointed Detroit Lions fans... speaking of Turkey Day football...

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