February 19th, 2006


Same, But Different

Last weekend I was wiped out with an intestinal flu.

This weekend I have a cold.

It's Not So Bad

Weak as I was with the flu, it wasn't one with congestion and sore throat/runny nose. So I recovered in a couple of days. Now I have the sore throat/runny nose, but it's really quite mild -- won't miss any classes for this and it's just cost me a little extra hours of sleep.

Idiots Make The World Go Round... In Circles

I first was prescribed Sudafed in college. I probably had a cold during Finals and wanted something that would not put me asleep during the 837 mile drive from Evanston IL to Greensboro NC.

Fast forward to a modern world where idiots can make "drugs" using things like Sudafed and liquid anhydrous ammonia. First Michigan began to restrict how many pills you could buy at a time. So much for economy of scale. Then they got the products pulled behind the pharmacist's counter. Now they have a new chemical for OTC sale and "everybody" is switching to it. What bugs me is that no one seems to be talking about it.

I mean, here's a product I've used for some 25 years and the active ingredient is being replaced and no one is saying anything about the change? It's a good thing I'm not paranoid and into conspiracy theories.

But I had it when the idiots in the world make the government treat all of us like criminals -- and somehow we still lose something in the process.

Dr. Phil
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