March 3rd, 2006


Oh This Isn't Fair

Two weeks ago I was really, really sick with the flu. Last week I had a cold. Not fair, but I figured my resistance was lowered and anyway, at least I didn't have the congestion with the flu. And I'd mostly be better by the time of "spring" break this week.


Third week, third new "thing". I was actually getting concerned I might be on the verge of getting a sinus infection -- yesterday my right ear was itchy. This morning my right ear hurt. By lunch it actually hurt to chew and I'd already called the doctor's office.

The Good News

I am such a damned optimist. I was pleased to find out I don't have a sinus infection... Not yet. This means -- no antibiotics. But I do have, as I suspected, a blocked eustachian tube.

News Drugs

There's an OTC drug called Musinex or something like that. It's got many times the mucus thinning agent found in Robitussin DM cough syrup. And I was given a sample of Nasacort, to see if that helps regulate the excessive mucus production.

The Hardest Drug

The third and hardest drug to obtain, of course, was a lousy package of 48 Sudafed -- the original "criminal" variety. That required a driver's license.


Naturally, all this comes during "spring" break at Western Michigan University, for which I had great plans. Most of those plans are so much dust.

Today, Thursday, was a good day to stay at home, nap, and wait for a callback from the doctor's. It sounded like the worst morning rush hour in terms of hours of overnight freezing rain, etc. But it was already Thursday! And now it's Friday! Argh!

When I was in school, I always got sick during break. Nothing new here... (grin)

Dr. Phil
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