March 10th, 2006


More SciFiction Appreciations

The great plan by Dave Schwartz for people to write appreciations for all of the short stories which appeared on the SciFiction site is a little bogged down, with new appreciations coming in at trickle, but that shouldn't deter you from either perusing the list of SciFiction stories or reading through the hundred-plus appreciations which are already posted.

I just posted my second appreciation for the project -- this time for Howard Waldrop's "God's Hooks!". (My first appreciation was for Robert Heinlein's "And He Built A Crooked House".)

And fellow 2004 Clarionite Grace Dugan, from Down Under no less, recently posted her appreciation for "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" by Scott Westerfeld. Previously noted, Trent Hergenrader did "The Five Cigars of Abu Ali" by Eric Schaller, and he's signed up to do one for Jeff Ford's "Floating In Lindrethool". Andy Wolverton did Andy Duncan's "Zora and the Zombie". John Schoffstall wrote an appreciation for Thomas M. Disch's "Descending". Am I missing anyone?

Plus appreciations by 2004 Clarion instructors Jeffrey Ford ("Fairy Tale" by Gardner Dozois) and Gavin Grant ("Stare" by John Wyndham). Both gentlemen are on both sides of this appreciation business -- as are quite a star-gazer's crowd of top-flight SF authors!

There are lot's of unclaimed stories -- please take a look at the list and help out. This is fascinating reading and quite a lovely project.

Dr. Phil
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