March 15th, 2006


Yay! / Damn!

Oh No!

Last Tuesday my "Winter Blazer", the 1985 S-10 4WD Blazer with 306,000 miles, began showing a disturbing new problem. Okay it was a problem I just fixed, uh, 9-1/2 years ago I guess. Anyway, the brakes were getting mushy on the drive down to K-Zoo. On the way home, the red BRAKE light came on, and I had to pump the pedal to get some brakeline pressure.

A trip to Chevy identified this as really a new problem, rotted brake lines and not the master cylinder as in 1996. But you see I like brakes. (grin) Anyway, the repair came in $90 under the estimate and the brakes work lovely. Yay!

Just in time for a slippery windy icy morning, right after they bled the brakelines and tested it. Ah, I love it when a plan comes together...


I've been way behind on lots of things. Being sick, being busy, being tired. So it looks like I blew it. WisCon has announced that attending memberships for WisCon 30 are sold out.

WisCon 28 was fun -- and provided my first crit session a week before I leaped headfirst into six weeks of the 2004 Clarion workshop. WisCon 29 was fun -- Mrs. Dr. Phil came along for her first SF con and we took the high speed ferry across Lake Michigan.

But I guess there'll be no WisCon 30 for us.


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