March 24th, 2006


Damned Entropy Anyway

Preliminary diagnosis of 1985 S-10 Blazer, 307,000 miles...

Timing chain jumped some broken teeth on timing gear. Replace both plus leaking water pump and fix oil leak at oil filter connections. About $1000.

Replace corroded oil pan. Parts $160. Unfortunately this needs pulling everything out of the engine compartment: engine, tranny, transfer case. Labor estimate: $900. Damn, I wish someone thought of this a couple of years when we had all this pulled out for replacing the transmission!

Alternately, replace with used engine (90,000 miles and 60-day warranty): $3800. New engine: $5000 plus change.

Or find new third vehicle for Winter Use... $unknown.

There must be a MasterCard "priceless" commercial in here somewhere, eh?

Dr. "now what is in that bank account?" Phil
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