March 31st, 2006


Not The Results They Desired

So... is the University of Michigan's vaunted men's basketball team the 67th best in the nation? (i.e., didn't get into the 65-team NCAA and lost in the Finals to South Carolina at the NIT)

Battle of the Tournaments

I tend to go back and forth in all this. On the one hand, the NIT at Madison Square Garden is pretty cool. On the other hand, the NCAA is the big cheese in Division I men's basketball. On the third hand, there are plenty of good programs that can't get into the NCAA's Big Dance in any given year. On the fourth hand, just how many Big Ten teams should be getting post-season tournaments. And on the fifth hand, big programs like Michigan clearly consider the NIT second-rate, yet go anyway. (U of M won the NIT two years ago, I guess.)

Anyway, even if Michigan had won, I wasn't going to concede a State of Michigan national championship to them... Not like the GVSU and Hope College women's teams in Division II and Division III!

Dr. Phil
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