June 2nd, 2006


It's June!

Yesterday I knew it was the First of the Month, because the new issue of Locus magazine came.

2004 Clarion classmate Amelia Beamer is now listed on the masthead as Assistant Editor. World Domination Through Science Fiction by the 2004 Clarion class is made so much easier when we control the media. (grin)

And jaylake gets a big interview at the end of the June 2006 Locus. It's a really nice interview. I've been enjoying Jay Lake's blog for a couple months now -- it's nice to get some more background.

Thought For The Day

The parking spaces in Lot 61 at Western Michigan University are quite generous, fitting full-sized vehicles like a Chevy Suburban with no problem.

So how can someone driving a brand new bright yellow Mini Cooper "not fit" in such a parking space? As in, the left tires are on the yellow painted line.

Didja Catch It?

Had a beastly sinus headache from the changing weather last night -- Mrs. Dr. Phil and I seem to alternate weather headaches on opposite ends of the weather changes.

Anyway, despite the headache, I did manage to enjoy the more-than-two-hours ABC coverage of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Especially pleased that they let it go over their time -- football does it all the time, so let's hear it for Spelling Bees!

Dr. Phil
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