July 6th, 2006


The Fifty...

John Scalzi, having nothing better to do today, has compiled a Top 50 SF/F Blogs List, excluding news and paid sites.

This quite a good list of blogs, nearly half of which (20 of 51***) I'm sure I've visited from time to time and a couple I go to daily or weekly. You can do worse than look at what these people and their commenting readers have to say on science fiction and fantasy writing, reading, the business, etc.

Of interest to the 2004 Clarion Class World Domination Tour are two entries:

42. 14theDitch -- Jeffrey Ford (80,928) One of our two anchor team instructors.


47. Web Petals -- Marjorie M. Liu (129,028) One of our very own classmates, who is busting a gut writing up a storm of well-received and fun paranormal romances.

It's fun to actually KNOW some of the people in the biz. (grin)

Dr. Phil

*** - There was a tie for 50th place, so there are 51 entries in John's Top Fifty.
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