July 12th, 2006


The Three Axes of Evil?

Check out jaylake's discussion of the three-axes of genre fiction. He starts off with two, which are nice areas to think about as you write, but then has trouble figuring out how to do a third, more genre-specific axis -- and let's it loose to his readers.

There's a reason that conventions exist and that they are, well, conventional. Doesn't mean you are required to use them or all the time. But if you get stuck or aren't sure why a story isn't working, it can be real useful to look at some of these sorts of discussions, as well as some of the decent books on writing/genre-writing, like Nancy Kress' Beginnings, Middles and Ends.

Right. Like the only things holding back my stories are, in no particular ranking, the beginnings, the middles and the ends. (grin)

Clarion 2006 Reading

Hope to be driving on from the office to East Lansing and Archives Books to see the aforementioned Nancy Kress at a reading, 7pm tonight. Y'all be there, okay?

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Two For Your Money

The July issue of the Internet Review of Science Fiction just came out online. IROSF always manages to have a couple of good things to say for my tastes, but this month I got two treats.

(1) Fellow 2004 Clarionite Eric Joel Bresin has an article on "Reevaluating Ellison's Infamous Fable".

(2) Reviewer Lois Tilton gives fellow 2004 Clarionite slithytove John Schoffstall's Strange Horizons story "Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery" a RECOMMENDED rating -- and she is REALLY stingy! Congrats, John!

That's two nice wins for the Clarion Class of 2004!

Dr. Phil
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