July 14th, 2006


Happy Bastille Day!

Back on Wednesday I had two minor goodies:

(1) With the new fiscal year started, the Physics Department was finally able to offer me a contract letter for Fall 2006. At least for the firm part of the schedule. So I'm ON for teaching one class. Part-time pay for that will just about cover taxes and gas for commuting, but the real "benefit" is that I don't have to clean out my office. (grin)

(2) I finally managed to head on over to East Lansing MI and get to Nancy Kress' reading for Clarion at the Archives Book Store. And get schmoozed by Moe the cat, who spent a lot of the actual reading going back and forth around my legs and getting petted on the fly. The cats at home were too warm to care about the scent of Other Outside Cat on my jeans, or else Moe succeeded in "not quite touching me" with all those near passes. (grin)

Another Contest Source

Clarion classmate webpetals provided links to a new contest for Short Fiction organized by Amazon and Gather -- there are monthly deadlines for the end of July, August and September. The whole thing is organized strangely, several links basically feed you the same information in different formats and the Rules of engagement are LONG. You have to register on Gather and set up a message account -- no sooner had I done so than someone named natasha111 (Natasha D.) sent me a "Dearest One I am writting (sic) this letter with due respect and heartful (???) of tears since we have not known . . ." -- in other words, another variation on the Nigerian oil/bank scam letter, bad grammar and all.

Gee Amazon/Gather, thanks for policing your site so well you let in all the riff-raff. And THEN not providing any easy means of sending a message to management to get this account yanked for inappropriate behavior. I mean, come on, this is supposed to be a site about WRITING, not bloody financial spams.

We'll see if I take the time to bother with this one. Or wait until they figure out how to run this professionally.

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