August 27th, 2006


Romance In Michigan

As promised, here is a link to photos of the Marjorie M. Liu visit to Michigan. It was fun to get together with Marjorie and she seemed pleased to see ol' Dr. Phil:

Beauty and the Beast

I managed to catch two stages of the tour: a panel discussion (with 13 authors!) at the Liberty Street branch of the Farmington Community Library, and a book signing at a Big K-Mart not too far away. While a book signing at K-Mart doesn't sound so very glamorous, they set up things in the lobby area with lots of summery decorations and piles of books to buy and more to sign for the shelves later. Hey, when K-Mart sponsors the bus tour, you get to sign books at K-Mart. (grin) And not to disparage either K-Mart or romance readers, I'd imagine they sell quite a number of romances.

There's an article from the Chicago Sun-Times, Romance Reigns On The Love Bus, from the beginning Chicago leg of the trip. And another from the Daily Southtown.

I'll probably write more later -- but I promised Marjorie I'd get some pictures up. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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