August 28th, 2006


One Door Closing, One Door Opening

For yon SF type writers out there, I should point out/remind you that:

Ralan's 2006 Grabber Contest

... closes in a few days. Here's a contest for a short story of 2000 to 6000 words, where you submit only the first 500 words or less. I suppose the rest of the story can suck but you have to write a killer 500 words. (grin)

Ralan's SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza Presents


"The Grabber"

28 August 2006
GOAL: 80 entries
RECEIVED TO DATE: 33 entries (34 with my submission -- Dr. Phil)

Final Judges:
Richard Freeborn, editor/publisher, Oceans of the Mind
Bridget McKenna, editor, Æon Speculative Fiction
Marti McKenna, editor, Æon Speculative Fiction
Bruce Holland Rogers, writer/teacher, writing teacher

Preliminary Judges:
2005 1st Place Winner: J. Alan Brown
2005 2nd Place Winner: Susan Wing
2005 3rd Place Winner: Kim Zimring
2005 Honorable Mention: Maggie Della Rocca
2005 Honorable Mention: Robert Moriyama

Judicial Judge: Ralan

Closing Thursday 31 August 2006 at midnight in your jurisdiction.

Interzone's September E-Reading Period

... opens on Friday 1 September 2006, not surprisingly.

Email: Interzone is open to email submissions at only certain times of the year, for one month at a time. Co-editor Jetse de Vries will read the email submissions. Please follow the postal submission guidelines, with the following exceptions:

Anything submitted outside these periods will be deleted unread. There is a different email account for each reading period:

September 2006, email to:

Please send the stories as attachments, not in the body of the email. Story files will be fed into a PDA, so please format the stories single-spaced, and send them as .RTF-files (which take up somewhat less memory space than .DOC files). Put "SUBMISSION: STORY TITLE" in the header of the email.

Recently I created a short story out of an incident in Chapter 14 of my unfinished Romantic/Hard Military/British Fairy Tale Science Fiction Epic (grin), and with some editing, will be sending that along on Friday. Perhaps if I get in quick enough, I might be able to get two or more stories in during this e-reading period -- unless I can sell this one. (double-grin)

Respectable Places

Ralan has provided a decent service to the SF community with his webpages and the Grabber contests (it was a last 500 words Clincher contest last year) are a fun and different spin on How We Do Business Selling Short Stories. There is a $20 PayPal fee, part goes to support Ralan's, the rest to the prize pool. Right now they're behind in their entry count, but then lots of people post at the last minute -- come on, Clarion Class of 2004, we could so stuff the ballot box with submissions on this one! (triple-threat-grin)

Interzone is a respected U.K. SF magazine and well regarded by reviewers in the U.S. This is a good market to submit stuff to. Check out their guidelines -- and save the overseas postage during September!

Dr. Phil
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