October 5th, 2006



Bizarre Ad in Parade

Mrs. Dr. Phil, who was out of town visiting her middle sister over the weekend, was catching up with the Sunday Grand Rapids Press and had gotten to the Parade magazine section. I was just in the process of commenting that Parade is one of those things one reads because it is in front of you, covers a wide swath, but sometimes either bores or infuriates you.

Then I actually bothered to read this ad. I clipped the ad and was going to write it up here today, but left the clipping at home. Not to worry, I Googled "glade freshener teen light show" and found a real S.C. Johnson Press Release for the product.

Air Fresheners For Slumber Parties?

I kid you not. The press release was even weirder than the ad I saw, but go judge for yourself and read about the Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Light Show.

Yes, fellow citizens, we have a scented oil air freshener which plays moving lights on the wall. My first guess was babies -- but oh no, they're targeting teens and "tweens".

"For years, teen relationships have been built and enjoyed at slumber parties. Even today, when teens can spend time together thanks to high-tech devices, the slumber party stands out as the ultimate chat room. And, Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Light Show is the perfect accessory to set the mood and get the gang together," said Semrau. "We're excited about this fun new product because it helps unleash the good times of a slumber party and encourages girl-talk."

No, really!

A High-Touch Experience Soothes Teens' High-Tech World

It's hard for teens to take a break from the lure of high-tech, but it's important because constant texting, calling and IMing can create a great deal of stress according to Jill Zimmerman Rutledge, LCSW, a psychotherapist specializing in teen girls and author of Dealing with the Stuff That Makes Life Tough: The Ten Things That Stress Girls Out and How To Cope with Them.

I'm Not Making This Up!

"Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Light Show is much more than an air freshener, it's a unique room accessory designed to inspire teens to tune into themselves and their friends," said Kelly Semrau, SC Johnson Vice President of Global Public Affairs and Communication. "SC Johnson is a family company, so we've put a high priority on developing personal relationships and connecting with family and friends. The Scented Oil Light Show is innovative and sleek so it fits into a teens' high-tech world, but it creates a high-touch experience that sets the tone for self-expression and communication. In other words, high-tech makes it new and high-touch makes it 'you'!"

Ew-www! And I'm Covered In Scented Oil Residue, Too

I'm almost sorry I don't have the ad from Parade in front of me now, because it was less icky than reading this crap from adults who should know better. Now I feel disenfranchised. Where's the Glade Light Show products for graying Physics teachers or LiveJournal users? Me and my high tech homeboys and homegirls are being dissed, left out of the consumer marketplace and...

Wait. I want to be left out of this consumer nonsense.

See It. Smell It. Love It. Hate It.


Dr. Phil
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