October 22nd, 2006


A Smattering of Errors

I keep a file where I sometimes compose LJ entries before posting them -- and sometimes it gets backed up. Strange week this last ten days and I have to get caught up with some things... someday. However, it seems realistic to start with these.

Symantec Norton Anti-Virus 2007

There was a brief period in the latter part of the DOS era where one could avoid installing an anti-virus product as long as one practiced "safe computing". In those days you got infections from floppy disks or infected networks. By Windows 95 and web browsing, though, you really had to do something, because the idiots were clearly getting more aggressive about thinking they had a right to do anything they wanted to what you naively thought was your computer.

As a result, I've bought more copies and versions of Norton Anti-Virus than I can count. I even had a copy of SAM -- Symantec Antivirus for Macintosh -- which I ran on a used Mac SE.

So when one of my Windows XP machines at the office got down to 1 Day Left in its NAV 2006 subscription, I really couldn't justify putting off renewing any longer. Click here and go to the renewal site. Should be so easy, and yet, how the hell do they expect "ordinary" computer users to do this sh*t if they make it a bloody pain in the grass for people who know what the hell they're doing with computers?

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I would've been fine if I hadn't read the damned directions. (grin)


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