October 27th, 2006


Hmm... Friday... Got Anything to Post?

Cool Space Photo

I don't usually take the time/energy to look at NASA's Astronomy Photo of the Day, but every now and then I run across a link to one and have to marvel. This is a series of shots merged together showing the silhouette of the International Space Station transiting Tycho Crater on the Moon. Pretty damn good shots from 260 and 240,000 miles respectively.

Hey, one of the APOD authors/editors is Robert J. Nemiroff, who is on the faculty of Michigan Technological University -- the place I got my MS in Physics and Ph.D. in Applied Physics.

Happy Halloween, Darth Winslet?

This photo comes from a contest about Celebrity Star Wars Photoshop hacks. There are some pretty cool ones. But La Kate as a Sith apprentice? Yeeks!

Don't Forget

Americans who are currently using Daylight Savings Time need to reset clocks and stuff between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Mrs. Dr. Phil will be thrilled to have her stolen hour of sleep back -- I'll probably fritter mine away working on one of my SF stories...

And revel in this time change. Because sometime soon, maybe Spring 07, the changes to U.S. DST are going to mean that if you have older versions of Windows which Microsoft no longer supports, or embedded devices or PDAs or the like which change their own time zones, you are going to have to do the changes four times a year. Twice to reset the automatic changes which will no longer happen on those dates and twice to set the new changes which your equipment won't support.

This is going to drive people nuts -- and maybe, just maybe, drive some screaming people to convince Congress to repeal this idiocy.

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