November 5th, 2006


The Magic of Baseball

After getting suckered into rooting for an American League team in the World Series for the third straight year, I haven't made a real rant here about the abysmal collapse of the Detroit Tigers. Sigh. And I shan't do so today either, thankfully.

Why The Stories Matter

Instead I shall defer to the blog of 2004 Clarion instructor Andy Duncan, whose beautiful prose gives magic to anything he decides to talk about or describe. Saturday Andy blogged about Hall of Famer Lefty Grove. There's a lot of oldtime baseball players I don't about, so it's no surprise that I'd not come across Lefty before, especially as the man played in the American League. But Andy's narration made me smile, as he not only tells the story, but throws in the mindbending questions that just make the whole thing so much more than just an exercise.

In short, this is what a storyteller does you for. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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