November 26th, 2006


Thanksgiving Feast

Annual No Turkey Day

For quite a number of years we have skipped the usual Thanksgiving fanfare in favor of spending the days at the movies -- and sometimes in the evening taking in the touring show of the Broadway Theatre Guild in downtown Grand Rapids. The nice thing is that the plays are usually not sold out on Thanksgiving, so we can go on the spur of the moment, and sometimes they discount the tickets or upgrade the seats to fill in the Orchestra section. The musical this year is Annie, which neither of us have ever seen, but before we got a chance to decide if we'd really go, a college friend of mine who got lost from our address book for a number of years and we haven't seen together in about twenty years, got in touch and was traveling through on Thursday night. Very cool to have a friend you can jump into long conversations for hours with after such a gap of time -- though it is truly disturbing that his little girl is now 17-1/2. Not possible. (grin)

We had planned on an all U.K. cinema Thursday. Alas, given the constraint of getting back in the evening, we couldn't get a schedule to work at Celebration North. And we were going there instead of Studio 28 in order to grab a lovely pasta dinner at Chicago Dog and Pizza, as we did last year. Unfortunately, we'd find out later that they closed the end of September, so we ended up going home after two movies and having some lovely leftovers just before Jeff arrived. On the other hand, Friday Mrs. Dr. Phil roasted a duck and vegetables, which came out most excellent, and baked a pumpkin pie. It was one of the best "Thanksgiving" meals we've had -- and that's saying a lot because we have most excellent Thanksgivings. (double-wide-grin)

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So that was our weekend entertainment, more or less. Hope y'all had a splendid Thanksgiving, for those of you celebrating that American holiday.

Dr. Phil
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