November 27th, 2006


There Goes The Neighborhood

One Year More Or Less

It was about this time last year that I finally got around to hooking up our house to DSL and put in a WiFi router. Has it really only been one year? It feels like we've always done it this way, instead of stringing a 25-foot phone cord across the living room. And living with 28.8 and 56kbps modems.

Yesterday when I was firing up the Sony laptop at home, for the first time View Available Wireless Networks in Windows XP Pro showed a non-Dr. Phil WiFi hotspot. It was weak, only one bar out of five, but it wasn't one of mine. I suspect a neighbor used the weekend to set up a wireless network. Not sure which one or how far away. And no, I have no intention of hacking my neighbor's wireless home network to find out. Honestly, you people are just chock full of tragic character flaws.

The name of this new node was "linksys" and it was wide-open and unprotected, so it either hadn't been configured yet or they did a shake-the-box dirt simple install. So much for security... Well, that may not be so bad. Living out in the country, I've never been particularly worried about Wi-Fi's less than stellar security -- not expecting many war-driving parties around here, especially considering the racetrack straightaway we live on. If you slowed to pick up a signal, you'd get run over or off the road. (grin)

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