December 18th, 2006


My Life On Hold For The Next 24 Hours

Grade-a-thon In Progress

The end of the semester ritual known as grading is in full swing. Grades are due at the Registrar by Noon Tuesday 19 December 2006. It's always a tight fit. (grin)

All exams are now graded and input -- that's the Finals and Late Finals and Late Exams from last week. The bulk of the science literacy book reports are done and a whole bunch of other stuff. I need to gather up and sort all the crap in my office before going home, because now that we have online grading, I can work out of the house on the Tuesday morning of Grading Day, and not waste the hour-and-a-half on the road -- or have to run across campus to hand in bubble sheets.

In case you were wondering why things have been a little quiet around here.

Dr. Phil