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An Upcoming Appearance

I suppose I have to actually mention this. (grin) This self-promotion stuff is sometimes a surprise. (double-grin)

Anyway, I am going to be on some panels at the 2009 Cryptic ConFusion, at the Troy Marriott in Troy MI, 23-25 January 2009. ConFusion is one of the best run operations and traveling to the east side of the state, even in Michigan's weather and even having to brave a stretch of I-94 in winter, is worth it every year.

Which panels? The schedule isn't finalized yet. AND, I volunteered to do a reading. So we'll see what transpires.

You can see my bio buried into the list of panelists.

Come to Troy. There'll be pirates, for sure. And many really great people:

* Cory Doctorow — Cryptic Guest of Honor
* Cat Rambo — Pro Guest of Honor
* Diana Harlan Stein — Artist Guest of Honor
* Elizabeth Turtle — Scientist Guest of Honor
* Ralph D. Lorenz — Scientist Guest of Honor
* Davroz (David Rozian) — Raconteur of Honor
* Freon (Michael Andaluz) — Fan Guest of Honor

Dr. Phil
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