January 5th, 2007


It's The End Of My Life As I Know It

My Last Free Day

Today is the last day of my winter break. Sigh. So what am I doing with this time, besides cruising some blogs and writing this? I'm at the repair shop while they finish some brake work they didn't have parts for a couple of weeks ago. (To be fair, I'd come in for the Thursday evening repair shift and so they couldn't run out to their supplier to get the replacement left rear axle seal.) However, at least the Lemmen-Grand Chevy dealer in Coopersville MI (I-96 at Exit 16, 68th Avenue) has a really NICE two bay "business center" with desks, office chairs, phone and power connections, so I can wile away my time cruising some blogs and writing this. (grin)

The End Of The World Comes Monday

Starting Monday I have an 8 o'clock class. Ugh. Not only is 8am an unholy hour to teach (or take) Physics, but since I have a 77-mile commute, I have to get up and leave EARLY, which means I can't stay up half the night and work as usual. Double-ugh.

I've taught this 8am class before, and I survived. Except that was Fall not Winter. (I don't care that the university has renamed it Spring Semester -- you meet in January -February-March it's gonna be WINTER Semester to me.) When my boss offered the PHYS-1070 class I said sure, I'll teach anything. I forgot it's an 8am class in the winter -- and my boss forgot to factor in my commute.

We've had such a mild, warm winter the last couple of weeks, that I worry about whether we've "used up" all the mild days and that I'll have commuting nightmares every other morning, or the current above-average warmth will persist.

We shall see. And wish me luck. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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