January 10th, 2007


Bowl Games

There's Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark

Monday 9 January 2007 we had a bowl game. A major college football bowl game, between the so-called #1 and #2 ranked Division I + BCS ranked teams. For the so-called mythical National Championship. A whole bloody week after New Year's Day.

I guess you can say that I am peeved.

When I was a lad growing up, New Year's Day was a Big Deal. There was the Rose Parade in the morning and then the football games started. Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl... NBC made a grab one year to inject in an extra more morningish bowl game, the Fiesta Bowl, but that wasn't so bad.

It wasn't New Year's until I got to see the Nebraska Cornhuskers play in the afternoon. And the Big Ten's beefy Midwest cornfed linemen would likely as not get trounced by those West Coast types... USC, UCLA. "Mommy, what's a Boilermaker?" "They're engineering students from Purdue." Ah, the Big Ten. Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State... Funny how until I started looking at colleges, I didn't even know there was a Northwestern University, let alone a Big Ten football playing Northwestern. (grin)

But this drama all unfolded _ON_ New Year's Day. Like it was supposed to. Occasionally, things would get all bolixed up when New Year's hit on a Sunday, and there was still a discussion "should young college men play football on a Sunday." When I was growing up, I knew there was an NFL -- the Buffalo Bills were nearby, I had relatives who spoke of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Green Bay Packers were a legend, as were the Bears and a few other teams. But we didn't watch NFL football. That didn't come til college, where it was Something To Do in the dorm on a Sunday. Instead, Real Pro Sports were played in the National League and the World Series.

So pretty much, except for walking over to the stadium and seeing the second half of high school games with the Medina Mustangs, football consisted only of those perfect New Year's bowl games.

Then this BCS crap got started and Got People Thinking. And derailed the system. First they monkeyed with the sanctity of the Big Ten-Pac Ten Rose Bowl rivalry. Then they started putting the BCS bowl games on featured primetime slots other than New Year's.

And January 2007 is when it all got out of hand and melted down.

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All other talk of a National Championship in Division I is meaningless until they put in a playoff system.

One Last Bowl Game

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the International Bowl, held in Toronto at the Rogers Centre (Skydome) on Saturday 6 January 2007. Western Michigan University, my current school, and the University of Cincinnati. Unusual game -- the Cincinnati Bearcats ran off 24 unanswered points. Ugh. Painful. Almost all of them in the first QUARTER. Yikes. Time to slit the wrists and go on home. But then, the WMU Broncos sucked it up in the second half and ran off 24 unanswered points of their own. My god, the game is TIED! Bearcats kick a field goal, it's 27-24. WMU lines up for a field goal with like less than a minute in the game... and wide right. Okay, so we lost. It was a major effort to not fold and quit, and considering that the team was in the bottom of their conference just the other year, I am very proud of them. And Toronto got a good crowd and it sounds like they'll do another American NCAA football bowl game again. And Rick Dipert, if you're out there and ever find my blog, congratulations on your alma mater beating my employer!

Now, lest you think I'm a hypocrite, let me tell why I don't object to a January 6th International Bowl. (1) It's not a BCS game with National Championship implications, it's just a new first-time bowl game fitting into an available weekend slot. No attempt to milk the system and stretch it out. (2) WMU hadn't started classes yet, so the players would be back for Monday.

The End

There. I feel much better now.

Dr. Phil
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Living In January '07


As I mentioned in a posting about It's The End Of My Life As I Know It, I have to deal with an 8am class 4.25 days a week. (There are some exams which are on Fridays.) Anyway, after three days of classes, I am surviving and the weather is behaving.

Disrupting Sleep Patterns

My natural inclination is to work until 2, 3, 4am. Then go to bed. During a normal workday, I really need to get to bed around 2am. With an 8am class, I have to leave around 6:15am, which means getting up at 5am, which means going to bed at 1am. (sigh) Unfortunately, coming off of Christmas break, I've got a couple of weeks of Real Bad Habits. (grin) So I had trouble going to sleep "that" early the first two days. Better now. But I'll take a nap when I get home.

Ooh, Shiny!

What amazes me -- and I've been amazed by this before -- is just how bloody many people are on the roads by 6am. I mean, ON the road, which means they got up earlier. Once I hit the freeways, there are some stretches where there are long ribbons of red taillights stretching out in front of me and bending into curves I've not yet reached. Flow lines. It's pretty.

This assumes there isn't snow or whiteout conditions. (grin)

Hey, you take your appreciation of beauty when and where you can find it.

Dr. Phil
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