April 13th, 2007


Here We Go Again...

Earlier This Week

I bought gas in Kalamazoo and the Shell on West Main was running premium at $2.99.9/gal on Monday.

So despite the early hour, the next gas I bought was on Wednesday morning, since the Mobil in Allendale was doing regular for $2.69.9 and premium at $2.87.9. By Wednesday evening, the guys on the radio were talking about regular in Grand Rapids at $2.95.9 -- and sure enough, that's where the Mobil had jumped up to. We're talking $3.13.9/gal for premium at that point.

What was bizarre was that the Admiral down the road was still selling for fifteen cents less.

Oh Great

Basically no one has a clue what gasoline prices are going to do. Which means the gas stations are winging it. Crude oil is coming down, but the refinery capacity is still an issue. Still "too many" refineries offline and there's something about a new summer formulation which is causing problems. Not like we're going to need summer gas any time soon around here... (grin)

Gas prices began spiking a couple of weeks ago when Iran was holding onto some British sailors and marines -- but they've been released.

I fear that it's going to be a long hot summer with record gas prices again and that doesn't bode well for my minor summer income, what with only one class during the first summer track.

I'll apologize now for any more griping in the next six months. (double-cost-grin)

Dr. Phil
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